5 years of hassle free income

We provide a UK based, corporate, guaranteed letting solution for landlords. 

Why Let To IMA?

  • We are a UK corporate, with efficient processes and systems in place
  • All properties and blocks remain professionally managed for the duration of our tenancy
  • We take on the liability of all wear and tear within your property
  • You have no voids for the duration of our long-term tenancy
  • No on-going tenancy set-up fees
  • IMA is a regulated, professional tenant

Who are IMA’s Landlords


Income to mitigate costs in a tough market if not achieving prices needed to sell

Potential to sell as fully managed, high-yielding buy-to-let to investors

Fact: IMA’s long let solution can be used to successfully demonstrate solid security of a site to lenders for refinance


Headache free – no voids, no constant communication with tenants or agents, no on-going set-up fees

Armchair investment

Fact: investors can increase their annual yields by 12.5% using IMA’s long-let, professionally managed solution


Takes the middle man out of the equation


One contact person


Handed back to you in the same state we take it in - guaranteed 


5 years of guaranteed rent - allowing you to get back to what's most important to you

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